1979 SAAB 96 GL 1.5 V4


An instant classic!


Gearbox replaced, old one was quite worn, changing from 3 to 4 became a risky operation with a good chance of ending up in neutral.

Clutch pressure plates replaced.

Some corrosion near the left rear wheel, welded.

General Comments:

Design is exceptionally aerodynamic.

It handles very accurate and the acceleration won't let you down.

The driver's seat is heated!

Very comfortable suspension.

You should hear the typical V4 engine sound!

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Review Date: 7th March, 2003

17th Jun 2003, 10:55

The engine sounds "RADDABLOOOOM!!! Rooba looba rooba looba rooba looba... RADDABLOOM!!!" :-)

But the cW is just 0.35, which is very good! Can be compared with cars designed in the 80:s, not in the 40:s like the SAAB 92-96...