1987 Skoda 105L L 1.0 cc


Not as bad as was always suggested


The previous owner maintained his car rather well, and changed for instance shock absorbers and brake parts. The car was therefore in a technically good condition when I bought it.

I only had to improve the seats with some covers and did some extra finishing touches on the in- and outside of the car.

The car is although sensitive to small and sometimes irritating problems. For instance electrical problems, door-hinges, lack of interior quality and above all slow starting procedure during the mornings.

General Comments:

The car offers a good driving position for tall people (6 ft. 6).

Steering is extremely easy and brakes are quick and reliable.

Although relatively well sold in the Netherlands, the car is now very rare on the road. It attracts a lot of attention from other people on the streets.

The design, and features like the rear-engine and front luggage space, makes most people's heads turn.

The car is easy to maintain and repairs are cheap and simply to do. Corrosion is still almost undetectable.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 30th October, 2003