1991 Skoda Favorit LX 1.3L


This old Skoda is reliable, cheap and easy to maintain


The first owner of this Skoda had clocked up 100,000 Km. He then let the car stand in a field on his country property for two years (possibly longer). It arrived at the local second hand dealer months ago as a trader in. I found it where it had been standing, unwanted and banished to the darkest corner at the rear of the lot. The dealer was asking 250 euros. I paid 200.

A new battery had been installed, but had since lost it's charge. With an electric boost, the engine turned over four times, then started. I had not expected this. Perhaps it was the smell of mildew and that hideous moldy mat-green color which put me off.

This being my first car, I was trying hard to look past the leaves and straw that had blown in and were scattered all over the engine and seating compartments.

What I saw was under the hood was simple, if utilitarian. I've been driving and maintaining an old BMW Boxer motorcycle for the past ten years. Looking at the Skoda engine I recognized a familiar, open design. Everything is visible and within reach, there are no complicated (and costly) electronic components, just straight-forward workable engineering.

Unfortunately, the inside of the seating compartment negates all these good vibes. Many of the plastic rivets holding the paneling in place are broken. Consequently, the paneling is peeling off. Plastic housings for just about everything are broken, including seat adjuster components. The clock does not keep time. The steering wheel squeaks. The windows roll only three quarters of the way down and the driver's side door locks only from the inside.

The silencer had fallen off the rear end of the exhaust pipe and the exhaust systems' rubber suspenders had disintegrated leaving the pipe to rest on the rear axle. The exterior of the rear right hand wheel hub is corroded, as are all the break lines.

General Comments:

Starts first time, every time.

It is a little noisy on the motorway, but sails along smoothly enough.

First gear and reverse tend not to engage fully, but always do if care is taken. In second and third gear the acceleration is reasonable enough to make this a fun car to drive. During the test drive, I got this machine moving at 130 Km/h in fourth gear, and slowly crept up to 140 Km/h in fifth gear.

To certify this Skoda as roadworthy I need only replace the break lines, exhaust silencer and the bulb which illuminates the license plate. However, I have also renewed the basics: oil and air filters, engine lubricant and coolant, gear box lubricant and spark plugs.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2004

1993 Skoda Favorit GLX i E2 1.3, 4 cil, injection, 8v


Best possible quality with lowest costs!


Only electrical problems:

Atomatic switches refusing to switch without a bang on the dashboard when cold;

Anti fog of the rear window never worked;

RPM meter stopped working at 72000 km.

General Comments:

Noisy when driven at speeds higher than 100 km/h. I solved this problem by placing a special noise-isolation-material under the hood.

The fuel consumption is not what you'd expect from a 1.3 motor. It runs 13 km on one litre. Average including highway, city and country.

Easy steering at high speeds. It goes straight ahead without any need for steeringcorrections. Steer doesn't shake or tremble. Also very easy to park, even when steering with only one hand.

Very relaxing seats. They invite you to take a nap in them!

Nobody can beat this car in the first 50 meters accelerating from zero.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2002

1990 Skoda Favorit 136L 1.3 petrol


The best bargain I've ever had!


The ignition module needed to be replaced.

Furthermore, absolutely nothing wrong!

General Comments:

Fantastic car, for a very low price. I think it is one of the best cars you can buy yourself, because the price is very very low and it's a very good car!

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Review Date: 11th September, 2000