1985 Subaru Leone DL Sedan 1.6


Reliable and strong


At the beginning, the carburetor had to be fixed, because the gas cable broke. This happened in January of 2003.

In March I changed the tyres from 165-13 to 175-70-13, and I had a 20000 km service.

Also in March, I changed the gearbox oil. This one is 20w's thinner so it shifts better.

In June, my right front brake was broken; a tiny stone had slipped into the mechanism.

In August, my tailpipe was leaking; it was a very sporty sound.

And in November, my right rear shock absorber was leaking. I replaced them for 2 brand new Koni's (at least 50% more comfort).

General Comments:

I actually love two things; my girl and my car. Of course I can't decide which is better.

And the off road skills are very impressive for a two wheel drive car.

I like the handling of the car; it's very quick!!!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 17th November, 2003