1989 Suzuki Alto GL 1.0


Worsted car I have ever driven


The head gasket blew two weeks after buying it and it had a crack in the water container.

General Comments:

The car was very ugly although easy to drive. I hated driving it the top speed was 130 km, but above 100 km it was very noisy and the window use to start coming down. The car was so low powered it was very hard overtaking other cars. There was no rear seat belts the interior was past its best. I would not recommend this car to anyone. It is now on its way to the scrap yard and I lost 750 euros I did not get it fixed because it would have cost over 1000 euro to fix.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2008

17th Jan 2008, 11:35

You bought a 19 year old budget car only originally designed to last 5-7 years; how can you complain?!

Why did you buy it?

17th Jan 2008, 16:47

You can really expect a 20 year old car built by Maruti Udyog to be this wonderful, fully reliable automobile.

1988 Suzuki Alto GL 0.8 Liter 3-cylinder petrol


Funny car, not bad at all, but don't expect Jaguar performance!


Well I got the car only for 5 weeks now. But I've driven about a 1000 km with by now, and I must say nothing (except a broken brake-light which was easily fixed) appears to be wrong with it so far...

The ODO-meter says 46000 km, but I think the actual distance it has covered in the 17 years it has lasted by now is more likely to be 146000 km :D!!!

Then the seats, well I don't know if you should call them seats... But they don't sit very well, and I won't advise anybody to drive in this car for more than one hour at a time. But then again, I don't think it's a bad thing that the seats aren't comfortable anymore after 17 years.

The doors are quite rusty on the underside. I think this is because rainwater gets into the doors and collects in the door on the bottom. This happens because the rubbers have dried out and don't touch the window glass anymore. But again, no hard feelings, what do you expect after 17 years and considering this car is made out the most flimsy materials you can think of :P.

The engine makes a lot of noise cruising at 100 km/h. Talking to your passengers is possible, but one must speak loud and clear.

No major malfunctions so far!

General Comments:

Driving in this car is really an experience, and the first time you drive one is likely to be a shock!

One thing I really don't want to hold back from all of you who read this: Don't forget to turn off the shoke after a minute or so!!! I was driving 90 km/h on the freeway wenn I found out: "Hey, I'm not touching any pedals anymore! Freaky car!" But wenn I got home I noticed the choke had been "on" all the time.

Another thing I found out when I first drove the car: When I wanted to switch to the fifth gear, I noticed it had no fifth gear!

The brakes are a little scary, they work fine, but your steering wheel will shake a lot if you have to brake really hard. The steering wheel also shakes quite a bit around 110 km/h.

Top speed is 120 km/h downhill with 3 people on board (including myself). According to the specs I found on a website it should be capable of 130 km/h. But I think it is dangerous to try it. The engine is not made for that. The engine is quite raw and has a bit of a diesel-character. Being a small car you really feel like going 200 km/h when your only doing 120 km/h... The small size if this car is also very handy living in Amsterdam, parking space is precious and this little car fits almost anywhere!

To all of you who intend to purchase an Alto: Be careful these cars good and sturdy, but not sturdy if it comes to accidents! So don't buy one if you're not a careful driver! Don't kill yourself!

The gas mileage is great!!! Especially on long trips. 20 km on 1 liter of petrol is possible (50 miles per gallon)

All in all I fine car if you keep in mind what it is made of...

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Review Date: 8th September, 2005

9th Sep 2005, 04:26

Funny comment about the Caprice!!!

This is my first car. I actually wanted to buy an old Jaguar, but my mom wouldn't let me... : (

But I found out insurance for a 1974 Mercedes S-class isn't expensive (just 130 Euro a year) So I'll buy that one too I think :D.

17th Sep 2005, 19:48

I have had my Alto for 4 months now, it honestly is the best value for money on the road in the UK. Reliable, economical, comfy, what more can I say?

11th Feb 2009, 16:40

G'day from Australia. I am 18 and I own the Alto 88 model 850cc.

Well I have bull bar on it, air con, about it really, but I have over sized tires on it, and myself and a few of my friends have had the car up to 134km/h down hill. It is possible, and we had confirmed it on the GPS we had. This was mid 2008, and with a wheel alignment you will eliminate the steering wheel shake at 110 in most cases.

I love it, it's a fun car when you can rev around a small town.

1992 Suzuki Alto GLS


Always a good car to buy second hand unless very rusted


The dividers inside the exhaust started to make noise at 200050 Km.

The tray where the battery stands on, rusted at 200050 Km.

General Comments:

The car is cheap to drive, about 20 Km per Liter.

There are very few dealers in The Netherlands so the repairs are done by dealers of other manufacturers, but even so, they get things right because of the simpleness of the car.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2003

1996 Suzuki Alto Spark (GL) 1.0 4 cil


Cute cheap car


Thermostat replaced twice under warranty turned out to be water-pump at 75000k.

General Comments:

My first new car, have company car now, good second car

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Review Date: 15th April, 2002