1996 Suzuki Baleno Estate GLX 1.6 16v


Just a great small station-wagon !!


Nothing really.

General Comments:

It's a well equipped car for it's money.

I'm very fond of the rear of the car, it's a very different than other Japanese cars.

The inner room of the car could be a little bit bigger.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2002

1998 Suzuki Baleno GLX Estate 1.6


Great car!

General Comments:

Nothing has gone wrong, superb car, its reliability is much greater than the Swift or SAAB 900, my two former cars. It's a pity that the car is being undervalued by many car reviews.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2001

1997 Suzuki Baleno Executive (a.k.a. GTX) 1.8 16V DOHC


Nothing much, apart from a step-motor that controls the carburettor air inlet that had to be replaced (motor looses revs and stops when clutch is applied).

Seemed a common problem and the dealer replaced it for free.

General Comments:

Somebody ran in to my car. Hard. Instantly turning it into a wreck and a total write off and total loss... Have driven it for almost 7 months, I consider it an awful loss.

Because the car is too big for me alone (and driving it in town), I am now looking for something smaller.

I had lowered the car by 3 centimeters and placed Corona 15" alloy wheels with 195/50 tyres around it. K&N Sportfilter. Splitfire plugs.

The car wasn't superfast (although it could do a 120 mph) but with the SCCS and the sports springs, the road holding was EXCELLENT.

I raced a BMW 318 coupe once. Sure, the BMW was faster on the long road, but it became unstable and the guy driving it had to brake to take a long corner on the speedway... at about 110 mph(!) That's where I passed him, without any trouble! This car is FUN. And cheap, which makes it double fun.

You should get a 1.8 16V for this performance, though!

There's this Suzuki Dealer in Hoofddorp which is really good and awarded as being the best in the Netherlands for the second time this year (99). Take your car there if you can. I've done it.

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Review Date: 17th June, 1999

8th May 2001, 18:44

I have a Suzuki Esteem, USA GL with the 1.8 DOHC, but I cannot find performance parts for it. I have custom welded strut braces and a custom bent cold-air intake.

But that's all I can do. I am looking for body kit, rear disc brakes, and ram-air kit..... Please help....