1990 Toyota Carina II 2.0 GLi 2.0 16v


Good and reliable car that can take a lot and gives a lot back


Radiator leak, replaced with new radiator.

Engine is leaking some oil through the spark plug holes.

Engine is using oil (was treated badly by one of the previous owners)

Leather of the shifter knob came off.

Sun-visors were broken, replaced with sun-visors from a lancia dedra.

Rear-right shock-absorber is making a lot of noise.

Electric sunroof kept leaking and was sealed.

The dashboard has a lot of scratches etc. especially around the radio.

The rear-left electric window has a rusted guide rail en it isn't usable until I clean the rail.

The electric motors of the electric windows are not all working as good especially the one on the passenger side door.

Some rust on the hatchback, wheel arches en hood.

General Comments:

Good en extremely reliable car.

Pretty fast compared to what I had before.

Fuel consumption is not even that bad (the economy light makes sure of that) I average about 10 to 12 km per liter.

Even though it has seen a lot of abuse by previous owners it is still very reliable.

The layout of the dashboard isn't that good, especially the location of the radio behind the shifter.

It's the hatchback so a lot of room in the back.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2006

25th Nov 2008, 17:11

I consider my Toyota Carina II an extremely performing car, though I bought it 5 years ago as a used car it is still very reliable.

Once, I forgot to cover the radiator lid, the radiator water dried out after traveling several km - I thought I had burnt the engine. After I had allowed the engine to cool down for 40 minutes, I poured water in the radiator, my car still behaved as it never had problem; it has survived extreme driving conditions which other cars can never survive...

Adewumi Tayo (adetee7@yahoo.com) Nigeria.

1993 Toyota Carina XLi 1.6


A reliable car which is nice to drive


I bought this car with a gear box that wasn't functioning quite well: sometimes it wouldn't get out of it's third gear. The dealer where I bought this car has replaced the gear box for another one.

One of my shock absorbers is leaking. I still have to get it repaired.

General Comments:

This is by far the best car I have had.

This car offers a lot of space and is easy to handle.

Although the car is quite comfortable, it is not a luxury car.

In my opinion, this car is very reliable. I don't drive in it everyday and it sometimes stays parked for a week. But every time I turn on the engine it runs smoothly. And that doesn't only count for the engine, but for the whole car.

My next car will probably be a Toyota Avensis.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2004

1994 Toyota Carina XL 2.0 diesel


For private use maybe the best offer!


Was in use as a taxi without problems. After 125,000kms the seats were loosing their form.

General Comments:

This taxi was only sold because it was -in fact- too small to carry four (big) persons.

Comfort, fuel consumption, etc... everything was OK. Our company started driving Toyota with the first Crowns in the 1960s. These could live on forever (when there was no such thing as rust). The Carina was a real family member. Very reliable, nothing spectacular!

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Review Date: 18th September, 2000