1987 Toyota MR2 16v


Absolutely worth every penny you have got


Stock boxes blew up (both)

Oil Leaking (Causing to much RP M's)

General Comments:

I am a single young man, that enjoys driving real fast, using the same car everyday. If you fit the same catogory, then this car is what you should buy. I didn't like the exterior design at first (i founded it to be very blocky) but I got used to it. I blew up the stock front panel boxes (i think their 10 watts or so) and I'm looking for new boxes that have a higher capacity right now.

This car is super fast! I take corners that have a warning for 80 km/h with a whopping speed of 140 km/h with ease. That was when I first had the car.

People that don't need speed, have no reason to buy this car. With this Japanese muscle car I have beaten BMW's / Mercedes / Honda cars and even a Volkswagen Corr-ado. I must add that I have the the car tuned with more horsepowers.

The only things I don't like about the car are the stock boxes, the insufficient space in the trunk / front and worst of all; the compartment between the seats. This is very awkwardly placed, cause when I needed to reach my sunglasses (that we're in that compartment) I almost made an accident.

The problem with the stock boxes is somehow overshadowed, because I bought the car from someone who had made some major adjustments to the car; it has a electronic alarm which shuts the doors automatically, 6 boxes, tuning and electric / adjustable mirrors and the radio antenna comes out automatically. I spray painted it in its original fire red color again and I had the rims sprayed in gold color.

I am very proud of my car. This is my fourth in four years (!) and I'm never going to lose it, until I have a family. This car blows my last car away in every way, except for comfort. The MR2 seems to make a lot of noise when driving at high speed (i took it up to 160 km/h next to a beach road)

I find the Toyota dealer service to be vary lackey in the Netherlands. I had my engine repaired (because of the RP M's) got my receipt. Two weeks later the engine did it again, and they didn't wanted to repair it for free. I complained a lot at the dealer, and eventually they repaired it for free :)

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 4th August, 2004