1998 Volvo S70 2.5 Turbo 2.5 turbo


Fast, but built like a Lada


Brakes, disks rusty on edges, you feel vibration in pedal.

ABS, doesn't work, at -10 on top of a mountain in Austria with 30cm snow.

Dashboard, rattles, already 6x to dealer and still the same, very bad quality when compared to the 850 dash.

Bad roadholding, new Pirelli tires after Goodyear and still the same problem, tried everything else too, must be the car, to comfy for me.

Gearbox, loud noises when changing at 140 / 180 km/h. solved by dealer, now "cloink" when stopping car at traffic light.

Airco broken, also on my other first two 850's.

Strange noises from exhaust when cold, dealer can't find it, I think they don't want to find it.

All this within garantee and dealer has done a lot for me, but I don't like the car anymore.

General Comments:

Car is very fast. Much faster than other cars of the same price. You can feel it when turbo starts, nice! Brakes are not very good for a fast car. Very good acceleration from 160 to over 200 km/h. A lot of rattles in the car, built quality not as good as the 850 series 2.

Seats are fantastic, room is OK too. Nice car, but too much stuff wrong with it for a Volvo. Next car will be an Alfa.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2005

23rd Feb 2005, 00:49

Don't want to sound rude, but, do you think that an Alfa will be better built?

23rd Feb 2005, 08:32

You're not rude at all.

I don't think the Alfa 166 is a better car than my Volvo, but it sure does look much better! And Alfa has a great engine too with this V6.

23rd Mar 2006, 18:23

It must be that opinions are very very subjective when it comes to cars.. or maybe individual cars vary tremendously.. what can I say!!

I just came back after trying, with a view to purchasing, a 1998 S70 T5 with 198 thousand kms on the dash and I was literally blown away by the performance, stability, brakes and total absence of any rattles or noises. The road-holding and stopping power was phenomenal.

(funnily enough I have at some point owned a Lada.. and, of course, you must be joking when you making the comparison..)

My previous cars were a Passat and Jetta and even though at the time I used to think they were solid enough, after driving the Volvo I realize I must have been on another planet or something..

10th Oct 2007, 19:07

1998 s70 glt 125k miles.

Just had engine upper motor mount replaced drives like on glass.

Very smooth.. Still as fast as the day I bought it 9 years ago. Amazing car I am looking forward to the next 125k.