2001 Volvo V70


Comfortable and reliable


There was a squeak in the rear suspension fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

Super comfortable vehicle, especially for long trips. Quiet and effortless.

Reasonable fuel consumption given the size of the car, and especially frugal if you drive economically.

There's plenty of room for the teenagers, as well as loading space in the rear.

Handling and braking are great.

If you want a quick performer then go for the bigger motor or turbo, but be prepared for the fuel bills!

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Review Date: 7th February, 2003

2002 Volvo V70 many lines D5 (2.5 5-cil diesel 163 hp)


A comfortable, powerful, not to much exposing executive VOLVO


Nothing yet, although it does not always start on the first attempt.

General Comments:

The diesel (gasoline) engine is a great experience for me. It is very strong, but also responds quick, it's sound is very acceptable, even from the outside, and really silent in the interior. Only when accelerating very fierce, you notice it (its power). It hesitates below 1200 RPM, but above 1500 RPM til max "you feel the force"

The seats are great. These seats are (due to a weak spine) one of the main arguments to buy the car, and I'm not disappointed! The fabric is a little to warm though. The electric chairs (and mirrors) are automatically adjusted, depending on which remote control is used for opening the doors. Funny, and very luxurious.

The road behavior is very safe and accurate! Steering is like natural, and everyone who is driving it, just accommodates very fast to it's behavior (even my girlfriend, who always needs weeks to get used to a different car.

The comfort is very good. Maybe it's a little soft, but it is far better than our '94 Camry It's certainly not as sportive and challenging as our BMW 325 cabrio. I should have considered the dynamic suspension.

I regret paying for the extra and expensive sunroof. It has no aerodynamic aids to prevent a huge noise when opened. Above 70 km/h it has to be closed due to air "whooping" in and out!

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Review Date: 18th June, 2002