1993 Audi 100 2.6L


Good looking, good performance


I have been through it all with this car. I had the engine replaced at 96000 miles, as well as the transmission. The valley pan gasket seemed to be an issue and they told me that's why they replaced the tranny.

The water pump, water jug (cracked) have been replaced.

The fuel pump went out at just about 95000 and had that replaced.

The CV boots are not exactly that sturdy, I've had them replaced 5 times.

The tie rods are starting to go.

The shocks and struts were replaced at 150,000 as the ride was starting to be no so pleasant.

General Comments:

This car runs awesome at about 75 mph and can get almost 500 miles to the tank. I've gotten up to 29 mpg if I drive 65-70 mph steady all the way. (San Jose to Bakersfield, CA last Thanksgiving - only took 10 gallons to top off when I arrived and I had driven exactly 290 miles!) I usually average 23 mpg city and/or freeway.

The interior is cloth and is ergonomically designed for comfort. I can drive for 4 hours and not be the least be uncomfortable.

At just under 180 hp, it holds it own on the freeway, but is slow from a stop as it weighs almost a ton and a half. This year/model is all steel frame and most of the body - except the bumpers and windows :)

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 7th June, 2004