2009 Audi A4 Quattro 3.2 6 cylinder


Started off well, but declined dramatically


Bushings, gaskets, brakes, alternator, pulleys, belts, hoses, tail lights, electrical systems, emissions systems, various interior issues.

General Comments:

I am not happy with my 2009 A4 - 6 cylinder - and I will probably not buy another Audi. My car went along great for 75000 miles - no problems whatsoever. However, soon after that the car started having various problems that should not happen on a car with less than 100000 miles, and it costs a lot of money to fix. It’s a shame because the car is a good driver; fast, good handling, comfortable & all wheel drive.

Someone told me that it is OK to lease German cars but not buy them. I guess it’s OK to buy them and keep them until they reach 75000 miles, but then you must sell them.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2018

2009 Audi A4 Cabriolet 2.0 turbo


Enjoyable when it is running, which is not often enough


This car has been a maintenance nightmare. Despite having only 85,000 miles on the car, I feel like I am slowly replacing it with spare parts. At various points, I have replaced sensors, two fuel pumps, an oil dipstick, various wires, engine mounts, the cabriolet storage box (the area of the trunk where the top retracts into), vacuum hoses and a valve in the turbocharger. In three years, I have had eight unplanned repairs for non-wear items.

General Comments:

When the car is working, it is an enjoyable car to drive.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2015

2009 Audi A4 6 cylinder


A wonderful driver's car full of great technology, performance, & engineering in a beautiful package


The steering wheel shook at about 35 mph and higher.

The tires were "out-of-round" and would not balance even after force balancing.

The power steering hose failed.

The black leather from my belt wore off onto the leather seats, so that there was a black stain on the leather.

All these issues were fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

The car was wonderful. It drove beautifully. The interior quality was fantastic. The ergonomics had a couple of things that needed improvement, but minor.

I loved the way it looked -- so beautifully designed and engineered. Sporty and comfortable. Powerful. Wonderful features.

All the manufacturers copied the front driving lights from Audi.

It was a driver's car.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2014

2009 Audi A4 2.0 turbo


A stress reliever in the snow, and a dream to drive


My car started using oil at 55,000 miles after the warranty expired. It got worse and worse; by the time the car was at 70,000 miles, the car was using a quart every 800 miles.

General Comments:

I love the car! It drives like a dream! I want to keep it.

Audi was so wonderful, and fixed the rings and pistons and whatever else was wrong, so I am soooo grateful!

I plan to keep my car for a very long time. I would buy another Audi over any other car.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2013

10th Sep 2017, 17:41

The high oil consumption is due to the infamous PCV design. The PCV box is easy to replace, but you have to do it quickly. In your case it's now too late and the engine pistons and rings will also need replaced. It was a widespread issue on all 2.0T models after 2009.

2009 Audi A4 Premium Plus 2.0 turbo


An outstanding vehicle that we are very happy with


Shake at front tires, not properly inflated at pickup from dealer.

General Comments:

The Audi has been a pleasant surprise. We were shopping for a new BMW when the dealer stated we might want to look at the Audi that was in stock. After a short ride... we were hooked.

A read of the reviews from several reliable sources had us a bit on edge at the time of purchase. Reliability being one of the main concerns. So far the Audi has been very reliable, minus the dealership failure to properly inflate tires at delivery.

The vehicle has great power for the size, the interior and standard options with the Premium Plus are well above what we could get with the BMW 3 series. The look of the exterior is outstanding. We have received many comments from strangers about the beauty of the car.

The BMW definitely has great feel of the drive, Audi is more of a luxury drive and feel. That being said, the Audi will definitely handle even though the feel of the drive does not accompany it. Once you get use to that, it is quite a comfortable car. Long drives have been quite comfortable with no real issues.

If I had to do over again, I would definitely opt for the Audi over the BMW. Although we were skeptical at first, we have been very happy Audi owners since we drove it off the lot. Great Job Audi!

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Review Date: 4th December, 2009