1984 Audi Coupe GT Custom 5 cylinder


When I sell it, I want a clause to drive it once a year =)


Has gone thru 6(!) mufflers; last one (Stainless) 5 years ago. Fortunately we bought Midas' lifetime warranty (no longer available) with the 1st! The Midas tech told me SS are $1100!!

Worst ever auto-abandonment: clutch went out at PDX's 'Kamikaze Corner' (Scholls-Oleson-Beav/Hillsdale Hwy) about midnight one Christmas Eve! Plus the turkey was burning at home... but that was the one-and-only time.

Parts are expensive, so thru the years we've bought 2 totalled parts cars... $150 each. Need parts?

Door handles were notoriously easy to break into... we had them reinforced after the 3rd break-in.

Bad CV joints too.

Only mistake we made was vinyl seats.

General Comments:

This year I broke my ankle in May and didn't drive it 'til October... started right up & I 'chirped' the tires just for old time's sake. Not too bad for a near 30-year-old car.

It was seriously ahead of its time style-wise: At almost 10 years people were still admiring my 'new' car; and it's still quick, agile & a head-turner as well.

I love driving it and truly hate to sell, but cannot justify 2 cars for one driver + Grandma's knees enjoy the automatic.

Sentimental to all: drove on our honeymoon... kids learned to drive in it... went to the Prom... & took our daughter to the hospital for the birth of our 1st grandson.

Come to think of it... Maybe I shouldn't sell. JK, son!

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2013

1984 Audi Coupe 2.2L fuel injected


The best car I have ever owned, and by far the most reliable


Cruise control does not work.

Passenger side window switch went out.

Tail lights faulty upon purchase.

Driver CV axle went bad.

Sunroof handle broke off and leaked.

Impossible and expensive to find parts for.

General Comments:

Very fun Car to drive.

Extremely reliable.

Head turner, don't see many.

Good sound to the exhaust.

Never leaked any fluids.

Very solid build to car.

Great gas mileage.

Car handles very well and is good for traffic or the mountains.

Just an all around good car.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2009