1997 Bentley Brooklands LPT 8 cylinder turbo


If you want, or are in need to make a difference in your life, own a Bentley Brooklands


Normal service only, no major work.

This motor car was well kept and well serviced.

Normal problems like brake pressure lights, minor leaks, half worn brakes, paint like new, inside and out like new.

The Brooklands is nice, fast and fun to drive from my Rolls-Royce Spur III 1995; a different motor car altogether with sharp looks.

I have removed the pin strips and the two tone color on the bumpers to match the complete body paint, giving it a race clean look, most outstanding. Since I specialize in Rolls-Royce and Bentley's, this was my eye candy for sure for me. With a rare paint color factory and perfect interior color to stand alone, fit and finish is a real head turner.

These motor cars are second to none, German car owners don't know what they are missing, and for the German motor car owners, let me just say Bentley's are not more to repair or service than a BMW or Mercedes-Benz; I have repaired Mercedes, and my Wife has owned Mercedes and drives a 7 model BMW; you think it cost a lot to repair a Bentley, but put timing chains in a 7 BMW or a transmission, same with a Mercedes, compare those costs, if indeed a Bentley or any other motor car is repaired to the book, they all cost money, and a Benz or BMW is not in those years even a car to compete or compare with.

Now for the new Rolls-Royce and Bentley; it's a different story, the Germans have taken it to the next level of motor car ownership, good job.

General Comments:

Sleek, nice, fast, fun, like a Purdey shot gun.

Good over the road car.

A different motor car.

Nice to own, a true complete hand built car.

Nice to know there is no mileage deduct on a Bentley.

Nice to know the engine is good for a million miles.

Nice to know the paint and rust control is not a problem.

Nice to know it's a true Crewe built car, not that I have a problem with the next level German owned models.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 4th May, 2010