2008 BMW 3 Series 335i Convertible 3.0L twin turbo


I hate my BMW


Within the last 6 months, I have needed to replace 5 tires and 3 wheels. BMW claims that this is standard wear and tear. I have never had tire/wheel problems like this before. DO NOT BUY A BMW!!!

General Comments:

It would be a good car if it functioned properly. I have spoken with tire specialists, friends and dealers, and they all confirm that these are normal problems.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2010

28th Oct 2010, 19:48

Ditch the run flat tyres (RFTs) that are fitted as standard on your car and you should get over this issue.

The RFTs are a proverbial pain to live with as they spoil the ride, cost an arm and a leg to replace, and are prone to rapid/uneven wear.

However, BMW (in all its infinite wisdom) insists on fitting them as standard.

18th May 2011, 19:19

Problem is not your car but tires you are using. If you have run flats, then get rid of them. I have 530i with Dunlop performance tires and they are running great. Second year now.

2008 BMW 3 Series 335Xi 3.0 turbo gasoline


Fabulous car!


No problems to-date!

General Comments:

Absolutely the best driving car I've ever owned. Great blend of luxury and performance.

The all-wheel drive and great braking give the feel extreme safety and agility, even in bad weather.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2007