2002 BMW 5 Series 530i 3.0 inline six


A love hate relationship


Hood release cable broke. At this time I cannot open the hood. The parts are on their way.

The rear door vapor barriers have failed and the car leaks quite bad into the back floor.

Replaced alternator due to squeak.

Replaced water pump, fan and fan clutch. All of these were replaced as preventive maintenance.

General Comments:

I have a love-hate relationship with this car. It is a fantastic driving car that I really love! At the same time, it is a money pit that so far has already cost me over $1,000, and I have done all the work myself. I have put a lot of money and time into this car already, and it had fantastic maintenance history. The previous owner had spent nearly $10,000 in repairs over the 10 years he owned it.

There is always something broken that needs fixed, but my gosh I have never driven a better feeling car! It looks fantastic, and even as a 12 year old car, I get compliments quite often.

Before you buy one of these used, make sure you have a pre-purchase inspection done. Also, if you are unable to do most repairs yourself, you need to have deep pockets! At the shop, this car will cost a fortune to keep on the road.

This car is exceptionally smooth on the road and very quiet inside. The stereo is not great by any means, but does OK.

Overall, I'm not sure if I would buy this car again or not. Time will tell. I'm hoping that after repairing a lot of issues within the next few weeks, it will be relatively problem free.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2013

2002 BMW 5 Series 525i 2.5 liter gas


Great car, but underpowered


Absolutely nothing. Did one oil change, and that was it.

General Comments:

I was both impressed and disappointed by this car. The 525i is an amazing car in terms of handling, comfort and reliability. In the year I drove the car, I didn't have a single problem. Not one.

Additionally, even with the standard seats, the car is extremely comfortable. Even with the non-sport package, my car still handled extremely well.

Overall, the car was very excellent except for one point... power. The 2.5 liter 184 hp inline 6 is just too underpowered to haul that car's 3450 lbs. Getting on the freeway and passing was difficult, and starting in second gear is impossible. In fact, all the gas mileage benefit of the smaller engine is lost because you have rev it out just to get decent speed. If you are considering this car, go with the 530i, because it has all the positive qualities (same engine, just larger) of the 525i just with better power.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2007

2002 BMW 5 Series 530i


So good, that if you have the opportunity to purchase one you should


The passenger side cup holder broke.

The holders for the window shades broke off when my younger brother messed with it.

General Comments:

I had to replace the passenger side taillight recently after sliding out on a 90 degree turn on a dirt road. Just for the record, that turn was the only piece of the road with gravel on it.

This car handles like a dream and accelerates hard, especially with the manual engaged. The stock sound is more than adequate for the average person.

My favorite hing to do before a test day is to role down the windows and sun roof, switch into manual, and tear up the road.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2005

2002 BMW 5 Series 530i M-Sport 3.0 inline six


The Ultimate Driving Experience


Secondary air pump seized after 5 months. The secondary air pump is an auxiliary emissions control device that comes on for a couple of minutes after the car has just been started to lower emissions. Dealer stated it was a common occurrence in Canadian 5-series autos. Supposedly due to moisture seeping into pump leading to seizing of the fan motor. This pump is located behind the front bumper on the right side of the car. The part was not in stock therefore it was replaced on a second visit (two weeks later).

On a very cold day (-25 degrees Celsius), the CD changer cut out and would not start working again until the ambient temperature was higher (CD changer is located in the trunk). (minor issue and manual does mention a limited range of temperature for operation of the CD changer (-15 to 60 degrees Celsius), has not recurred now that I don't use the CD changer if the temperature is below -10 degrees Celsius.

Occasional squeaks of the driver door seals when going over bumps, but supposedly can be remedied by dealer with replacement seals. I will be having this looked into with the next servicing.

General Comments:

Overall, this car has outstanding driving dynamics especially with the M-Sport package. The throttle response, steering feel and response and linear powerful braking allows for an unparalleled driving experience.

Smooth beautiful sounding in-line six cylinder engine which delivers power beyond what its rated horsepower would suggest with good mileage too. Highway range for a tank of gas (70L) is up to 800km.

Seats both front and back are incredible in support and comfort. One of the most comfortable rear middle seats out of the many cars I have tested (better than the new 5-series too).

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2004

7th Jul 2006, 01:30

I think the Horsepower rating is accurate. The problem is that the rating of your previous Toyota was probably over estimated by around 20 %. Toyota and some others rate their power by the wattage output on the engine and not the actual power delivered to the wheel.