2004 BMW 7 Series i 4.5L


Great used car if you can afford the repairs


I'm indicating repairs as "common" as there are many other individuals on BMW forums that discuss a lot of these issues.

- Valve stem seals (common, costly repair).

- Coolant leak (common, costly repair).

- Logic 7 amplifier malfunction (causing crackling in rear speakers - common).

- Brake booster and vacuum pump malfunction (recall).

- Driver's side restraint malfunction light warning (common. There is a recall for the passenger side for some years, but not the driver's side).

- Parking brake malfunction (plastic gears in the motor break after some time - common).

- Oil leaks (cracked oil pan from wear of oil changes - the bolt used as the oil plug may eventually cause the oil pan to crack).

- Other miscellaneous oil leaks.

- Control arm bushings worn (normal wear and tear, mine was accelerated by oil leaks).

- Possible guibo (flex joint) malfunction (common).

- Oil pressure sensor malfunction.

General Comments:

Great car to own if you can afford the repairs. You will have to repair the majority of the problems I mentioned above if you are buying it used.

The car runs very well, powerful acceleration and smooth ride. I have never been left stranded anywhere because the car just won't start or due to a message on the computer display (i-Drive) indicating that I should stop driving, which is a plus.

I found the i-Drive system relatively easy to learn. Most of the younger generation shouldn't have much of a problem figuring it out. It can be a little time consuming entering addresses for the navigation, mainly because I am used to using my phone that has a keyboard to type in addresses. The navigation does however assist in bringing up street names as you type.

I enjoy this car, which is probably why I keep repairing it. I like the look and feel of it, and being a taller guy (6'3"), it is very comfortable for me. If you can do basic maintenance yourself, that would save you some money as oil changes, brake and rotor jobs etc can be pricey on German cars.

All this being said, I do not think I would purchase another German car (or at least not an older BMW) due to the running cost, although I enjoy this car.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2014

31st Mar 2015, 00:43

I agree with other owners' comments that it is indeed an awesome car to own, and second hand values are pretty fair for the amount of car you get for your money.

I have a 2004 730 Sport. The only real issue is that BMW in their wisdom decided to change from a CD sat nav to a DVD sat nav, and when they go wrong they are very hard to get repaired. Also the TV receiver was analogue, and of course the UK is now digital, so this doesn't work on many models from 2004.

Generally though a great car to own and a fantastic drive. Having had the older 728i, I wasn't sure about the change, I'm but glad I made it.

Any help with the CD sat nav repairs would be greatly appreciated.

2004 BMW 7 Series Li 4.4L V8


A very solid, reliable boat


Well, let me think here... oh yes, I remember my son always complaining about how the passenger heated seat didn't always work. When I got a flat tire the people at Les Schwab put on the wrong tire... I don't see how they could have done that!, and the tire pressure monitor refused to shut up.

General Comments:

This car was a beauty to own. I traded it in for a 2006 BMW X5 4.8is (you might find my review in that section). This car accelerated with gobs of toque, and I was pretty astonished at how it did. The handling was also impressive, with no body roll or anything. I got the Li version because I often have to drive clients around town, so they were always very comfortable.

I got many stares from this car, especially driving down the freeway at 80, flying past everyone. 0ver all, this is a very reliable, solid car and I have never lost faith in it once. So, if you can afford the 1200 dollar a month price tag, I highly recommend this car to you, and you will be glad to purchase one!

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Review Date: 4th December, 2006