2000 BMW M5 5.0


A vault-solid, luxury motor car that breaks the tires clean loose in any of the first three gears


We have had no maintenance issues with the car to date. The pixel display on dash missing some pixels at time of purchase and this has not been fixed.

General Comments:

I have owned a 91 300Z, a 92 Eclipse GSX AWD turbo, a 93 Taurus SHO, and a 04 RX8. The 2000 M5 makes them all look ridiculous. Amazing speed combined with such smooth, quiet, cruising ability is amazing. A pleasure to drive hard, a pleasure to drive easy. Isn't as tossable as the RX8, but weighs more, has 200 more HP with my Dinan mods, and gets better mpg... all while being far more comfortable and quiet.

Very comfortable interior with many useful features... although GPS is not user friendly... good thing it doesn't matter to me.

Structure seems bank vault solid despite 70K miles, and low 20's sale price would seem like a ridiculous bargain. My first BMW, but my guess is I will not buy anything else in the future... no worries about a depreciated used model. My wife now wants one, too.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2008

26th Jan 2009, 02:38

I test drove one these expecting an amazing car (based on endless, rave reviews) but was quickly disappointed. Engine and shifter vibration was unacceptable. 1st gear was too short (salesman who owns E39 540i actually suggested starting in 2nd...like he does). Weighs 4000lbs but feels like 6000. And heavy understeer.

Then I looked at a W210 E55 which was better in every way... except for no manual. Maybe living with the M5 you get used to these shortcomings, but for now I'll keep looking.

30th Dec 2011, 12:38

Apologies, but your comments are entirely invalid. You test drove ONE M5 and assumed they all have vibrations such as you claim. First gear's always short on a 6 speed manual, so obviously you are unaware. The M5 is the most versatile king of the road available, and an absolute super car. You missed the chance of a lifetime to drive the best car in the world. Period.

2000 BMW M5 V8


Greatest sport sedan on the road today...period


The only issue were the Mass Air Flow Meters which were replaced.

General Comments:

This vehicle set the benchmark for the sports sedan category.

It is extremely powerful and rather nimble for a 2 ton vehicle.

Compared with similar vehicles..ie. E55 Benz & RS6 Audi it is more fun to drive due to the manual transmission.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2005

26th Jan 2009, 02:42

If we can look past the idea that to be a man, you must drive a manual, you'll find that the E55 is in fact dynamically a better car in every way.

3rd Aug 2009, 15:46

This statement is just wrong. First of all - YES, if you're a man - you should drive manual. Second - E55 is a car that you can fall asleep in while driving...

23rd Mar 2011, 07:18

I agree, why spend all that money on a lazy transmission?

If you buy an Audi, get a RS4, simple, don't even go in a Mercedes showroom, drive past to BMW.

The M5 is a true driver's car, and the E39 M5 is the best M5 made.. proven. If you buy one, a little money invested in an aftermarket clutch, a flywheel, remap, decat exhausts, x pipe resonator delete, and twin induction kits, and this car is unstoppable then. Anyone can buy an Evo or a Subaru, and you buy a Ferrari for the sound and to flash you have money.

An M5 is for someone who likes p****** off 911 owners and needs practicality, and also likes to drive very fast indeed.

A fast car is a fast car, compare them yes, but you have to base them symmetrically. For example.. The 911 turbo and an M5 are completely different cars. I'd like to see the Porsche go camping and take the family and stop off at the Nurburgring on the way :)

Whatever fast car you choose is your preference, no car's really better than another, they're just different flavours.

30th Dec 2011, 12:40

Wrong. The E55 is NOT, in any way, better than the M5.

1991 BMW M5 3.6L


An amazing 4 door supercar


Water pump - 120,000kms.

Rngine oil seals - 150,000kms.

General Comments:

This is the best Bimmer I have ever had. I think about replacing it with something newer like a 540i or 740i, but the car is such a joy to drive and is rare. I may never part with it. The maintenance is a little high but it is worth the effort to keep this car properly maintained.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2001