2007 BMW M6 5.0 V10


The car has a drinking problem, but it's worth it!


The battery died (BMW charged $492). I hadn't driven the car in 10 days (poor weather so I drove my RAV4). Dealer said I must have left the Comfort Access key in the car, which prevented the car from "going to sleep". There is no way that happened because (as the manual points out), it is impossible to lock the keys in the car. He also said I didn't drive it enough, though I said my driving habits (distance to work) had not changed in the 2 years I have owned the car, so why all of a sudden did the battery die?

I have found that with BMW dealerships, if they can avoid paying for anything, they will.

General Comments:

I love the car, and it's amazing to drive.

Acceleration is incredible.

The dealerships are cheap (the items at BMW cost a third of the price elsewhere. The battery for the key is $20 at BMW and the same battery at Best Buy is $6.99).

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 5th January, 2011