1998 BMW M Roadster


Lots of performance in a stunning package


Replaced brake pads and rotors at 60k

Replaced rear tires at 55k

Replaced transmission and differential fluids at 50k

Replaced air filter with K&N

Sagging glove box eBay fix

Rear window trim re glue.

General Comments:

I bought the MR after looking at and driving several other cars, including Corvette, Boxster, S2000, MB CL430, and M3. All of the others were nice, but the clear winner overall was the MR. Plus, the insurance was the cheapest of the bunch (about $300/ year cheaper than the M3, which has the same engine and seats 5!)

I've been very happy with it. Some random thoughts about this car:

I made the round trip drive from FL to D.C. five times in this car, and I'm 6'2". I average about 25 mpg, which is astounding to me because I've been accused of being a lead foot. This car is quick enough to get you into serious trouble with the law! It's got a great rumble and glorious engine noise when you wind it out. Not even a need to down-shift when passing slower traffic because of the abundant torque. Highly addictive. The top is easy to work and I've not had any troubles with water tightness. This is the only convertible I've driven that has low enough side window sills that you don't feel like you're in the bathtub, like in the S2000, Corvette, 350Z, etc.

If you can find one for sale, take it out for a spin. You can't help, but fall for it.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2006

2002 BMW M Roadster Z3 M 3.2


Fast, fun, quality made, somewhat rare



General Comments:

During test drive I asked the seller what the orange light that kept coming on was for... he said its the "DSC traction control"...he disabled it and I could then keep it on at will at speeds below 50 mph in 1st or 2nd gear.

While driving with the top down on a sunny day fun trip I was trapped behind a string of 5 slow cars... I asked my nervous wife if it was OK to pass.. she said yes.. but at 123 mph and still accelerating she said ENOUGH you've passed them.

It is hard to keep it down to a reasonable freeway speed.. it likes cruising at 80-90mph. At one point I was driving along at 70mph. The road cleared. I ran it up to around 140 with absolutely no melodrama before backing off.

This is not my fastest car, but the combination of performance and quality puts it head and shoulders above my '66 TVR Griffith 400, '66 Supercharged Shelby GT350, or Vette in terms of enjoyable vehicle. I highly recommend it.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2006

1999 BMW M Roadster


Great performer + reliable


Front right vent is loose; should be repaired easily.

Small piece on the top near the plastic rear window needed to be re-attached.

New left tweeter speaker, covered under warranty.

Squeaky brakes on occasion.

General Comments:

I'm very impressed with the combination of great looks, reliability, and quickness/agility. I've had this car up to 130 mph with the top down and it begs for more.

This is even my daily driver in the winter, and with winter tires, it's not too bad.

It doesn't get great mileage (usually 24 mpg combined city/highway), but for what it has offered me, it's okay.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2004

1999 BMW M Roadster 3.2


Little nit picky things like the emblem colors not matching, a trim piece here and there needing attention. That's all. When I mentioned the M badges being faded the dealer did not seem to care. I had to insist that they be changed. For me this was alot of money for a car that I wanted to be perfect.

General Comments:

This topless rocket is so much fun and a bargain for about $40K when compared to Boxster and SLK. This car beats both in performance and at a lower price or with more standard equipment. The more we drive it the better it gets. One other complaint... too much brake dust, which seems like most newer German cars have. I'm sure its the soft brake pads which stop on a dime.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2000