2005 BMW X5


Absolute junk


Goes through brakes and rotors every 1500 miles.

General Comments:

The worst car I have ever owned. It starting going through brakes and rotors every 1500 miles at 14,000 miles. Started with horrible, almost uncontrollable shimmy and shaking. After several service visits, the dealer blamed me; said I must have been driving with two feet. This is even though I have two other 5 Series sedans with over 60,000 miles on them with no brake issues. Even the service manager said their answer was a lie. Wouldn't even warranty the car anymore. I sold it immediately to CarMax. What still bothers me to this day is that another dealer told me that it showed up on his computer as suffering a catastrophic failure six months later.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 24th February, 2010

25th Feb 2010, 06:41

This is a prime example of customers taking a dealer's word for it, and accepting it as an explanation. Brakes on any BMW aren't cheap, and are a service money maker. One thing's for sure, if the X5's brakes are failing drivers, then there will be a lot of people having the 'Ultimate Driving Experience'. Glad you sold it.