2003 BMW Z4 Roadster 2.5L


Shows you how fun driving should be!


1. Possible computer issue (probably responsible for all the issues.

2. Top works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't (it isn't the safety switches). If I start the car and the top does not go down, I turn it off after about 2 minutes, and then the top will work. Putting the top up is iffy sometimes too, so I keep the little tool with me to do it manually when/if needed.

3. A/C does not work, but I always have the top down anyways. It's stuck on heat all of the time, and will not even blow ambient air temp. Just hot, hot air.

4. Power lock button on key works sometimes, and sometimes doesn't, but may just be a battery.

5. The beeping noise the car makes when you leave the lights on or the key in the ignition... yeah, well that happens sometimes when you turn the car off for no reason, even when the lights are off and the key is out. It'll stop beeping after 20 minutes or so. It's just annoying when people ask "Why is your car beeping?" Because I don't know haha.

6. The dash lights do not indicate when the brights are on or when the blinkers are flashing, even though they DO work outside. Also at night when you turn the lights on, the panel lights will not come on until the car has been running for about 2 minutes.

The battery is not the issue. I was told it probably needs a new computer or re programed, which the dealer has to do. A used computer can be found for $200, so I'll probably go that route.

General Comments:

I know it sounds like a lot of problems. All the problems happened at once about two weeks after I bought it.

I'm not picky. I'm extremely happy with the car. Being a young 23 year old male, I get a lot of looks, so I can't complain. I feel like they see me as a spoiled rich boy, but in reality with no down payment, I only pay $200 a month for the note, and $125 for full coverage insurance, and that's including my pickup truck too.

The car handles and rides awesome, and is so smooth. I can't get enough of this car... I've had some special driver training on a closed course on how to handle a car at high speeds, or when it starts to slide, but I've never needed it, because this car is glued to the road!

It'll top out between 130-140 mph, and gets on average 28 MPG doing 80 everywhere I go.

I just took it on a 3000 mile 10 day trip with my buddy. Not much room for luggage, but we made do. Had no problems out of the car. Very reliable (minus the computer issues) for having 170k miles on it. The oil is still clean, and the engine bay and everything still looks brand new. To my knowledge, no major work has ever been done to it. Doesn't smoke, idles smooth, and shifts smooth.

The sound system is pretty awesome as well. Love the black leather interior, but wish I had some red thrown in there.

All in all, I love this car. I feel like it's one of the best looking cars on the road, and it makes me happy every time I get in it. I recommend it to anyone (who isn't too big for it).

If anyone has questions or knows about the issues on my car, feel free to email me at beau2006@ gmail dot com.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2012

2004 BMW Z4 Roadster i 3.0


Its quirky behavior does not deter from the overall experience - and it's a good one


SMG pump went out around 60,000. That's all.

Otherwise, normal maintenance. Drive belts at 70K.

General Comments:

The BMW Z4 3.0i is the most reliable car I've owned so far, including a '95 Acura Legend (built like a rock), '96 Jaguar XJ6 (surprisingly reliable), a '93 318i (awful car), and 2001 Saab 9-5 (the worst car I've ever owned).

It is quick, but not fast, even with S mode and stability completely off. But due to the car's quirky nature, I have still spun the tires (as well as the car itself) with the stability control off, so it has sufficient torque to be fun at all speeds and even off the line.

I have the SMG transmission, which has a bad reputation, but I enjoy it, even though it is rough around the edges (clunky, slow unless sport mode is on).

The SMG automatic mode is not very good; it shifts and revs oddly, even with the final software update (which you should get if you get an SMG).

The run-flat tires, unforgiving suspension, and stiff seats make the car a bit painful to drive off-highway (and especially off-road, which will happen by accident eventually).

The sport tire/rim setup will make you constantly wonder whether you have alignment issues.

The car gets a bit spotty on the edges of roads or if a road wasn't paved yesterday. It is a known issue.

The reason I like the car is that it is beautiful, ahead of its time, and oozes character.

I like the quirks because it reminds me of an 80s model Ferrari 308 or Porsche 911 - a bit unpredictable, rough around the edges, and ergonomically insane.

The interior looks awesome, like I dreamed car interiors would look in the future. The block of aluminum is so cool compared to cheap bargain plastic.

The trunk is spacious enough for groceries or light shopping, but that's all.

It is uncomfortable for the lone traveler; considering how noticeable it is for the driver, I have been in the passenger seat and it is pretty miserable.

The top goes down SO fast, that you can do it when a light turns green if there are a few cars ahead of you, and you will still beat the flow of traffic. Faster than any top I've ever seen, including the new Z4.

When you wash it and wax it (and if you have the awesome looking revolver wheels), it STILL gets impressed stares or comments, even though it is 6 years old.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2010

3rd Dec 2010, 19:40

I have one of these in my garage parked next to my Buick. My neighbor rents out my 2nd garage stall to store his "toy". He only drives it about 5 months out of the year because of the cold Indiana Fall and Winter. His has about 35,000 miles on it. It is a nice car, but not for me, I like mine big and luxurious.