Century Limited 2.5

Toughest car I have ever seen

230 words, 6 comments

Century Custom 2.5L 4 cylinder. The Iron Duke

A great driving car

106 words

Century Custom 2.5L

Faithful and Sturdy

152 words

Century Limited 2.5

Not bad for a $1 car that is 20 years old and sat for 10 years

695 words, 1 comment

Century Custom 2.5 Liter

Awesome car, very reliable

239 words

Century Limited 3.8 Fuel Injection

Great Town car and cruiser

182 words, 4 comments

Century Limited 2.5L (151 C.I.)

Slow, but very reliable!

167 words

Century Limited 3.8 V6

An awesome reliable gem

198 words

Century type T 3.8L

This is the best car I've owned... good gas mileage and reliable!!!

83 words

Century T-type 3.8

A major lemon; most problematic car I have ever owned

453 words, 7 comments

Century Limited 2.5L Iron Duke

Nice solid car

65 words

Century Limited Carbed 2.8 V6

A comfortable winter-beater

169 words, 2 comments

Century cusyom 2.5 liter

A decent and reliable automobile

93 words, 1 comment