Century 3.1

A cheap way to go from point A to point B

256 words

Century 3.1

Reliability, comfort, power, good on snow covered roads

42 words

Century 3.1

Buy this car as SOON as possible, it is worth it!!!

76 words

Century Special 3.1 SFI V6 OHV 160HP VIN M

A robust, ubiquitous, maintainable device

253 words

Century Special 3.1L V6

Great, well-built car!

135 words

Century 3.1L

Feels like a luxury car

87 words

Century Custom 3.1

My kind of car - practical

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Century 3.1 V6


75 words, 17 comments

Century Custom 3.1

I would definately buy another Century. Very reliable cars

45 words

Century SE 3.1L SFI V6

Most reliable car in it's class. Period

191 words, 2 comments

Century Special 3.1 V6

Poor mans caddy

127 words, 2 comments

Century Custom 3.1 Litre V6

Excellent. I would buy another one if available

143 words

Century Wagon 2.2 4 cylinder.

Without question this is the best GM product that I have owned in 40 years of driving

251 words

Century Custom 3.1 SFI 3.1L V6

Over all, if you're looking for a solid and reliable used car, I would highly recommend this one

226 words

Century 3.1 V6

Very dependable car bought for less than $2000 and has been great for 3 years.

67 words, 1 comment

Century Special 3.1 SFI V6

Very reliable

81 words

Century Special 3.1 V6

Low Cost, Low Mantience, very dependable

93 words, 2 comments

Century Special 3.1

Great traditional Buick

48 words

Century Special Edition 3.1L SFI

Great Bang for the Buck

72 words

Century Custom 3.1 litre

Very enjoyable, reliable car for the money

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