Century 3.1L V6

A good, practical car

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Century CSP 3.1 liter V6

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Century Special 3.1

Absolutely Great

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Century Custom 3.1L V6

Ugly!!! But there when I need her!!

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Century V6

This 95 Buick century, map light and all, is an amazing car

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Century Custom 3.1L V6

I really loved this car - and I miss it!

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Century Custom 3.1 SFI V6

Great value, exceptionally reliable

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The 1995 Buick Century is a nice looking and comfortable car, but it is unreliable in my experience

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Century Special 2.2L 4-cylinder gas

Comfortable, inexpensive, and reliable when cared for properly

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Century 3.1 liter

Poorly built car, and will drain your bank account

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Century 3.1

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