Electra 225 2dr 403 V8

A truly amazing stalwart classic with a history

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Electra Park Avenue 4-door Sedan 5.7 Liter 350 V8 4-barrel

Forgotten, Underrated Jewel from GM, Die Hard Reliable to the Bone!!!

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Electra Limited 403 Small Block

I love it

54 words, 1 comment

Electra 225 Sedan 305 V8

Like driving a couch on wheels

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Electra Limited 6.6L

The best car ever!

188 words

Electra Limited 350 Gas

The Last of the Real Buicks

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Electra Limited 6.6L (Oldsmobile 403)

The most reliable ANYTHING I've ever owned

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Electra Limited 6.6L (403 cu. in.) Oldsmobile

A powerful and smooth ride, good for cruising around

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