1978 Buick Electra Limited 4-Door Sedan 5.7L V8




Few unexpected things:

Cat converter burned through the previously rotted passenger floor last year (water leaks from a windshield defect).

Old wires in the trunk for gauges rotted -- been replaced.

Cannot receive an alignment due to old, wearing parts that would cost nearly $1,000 to replace.

Blower motor replaced at 84,000.

Alternator replaced at 77,000.

General Comments:

The car was garaged in Florida for twenty years and was rarely driven (hence its mileage).

These old GM Boats are incomparable to cars made after the '80s. Car handles very well for its size.

It provides an extreme amount of comfort. The backseat can fit my entire drum set and then some. Rides like no other.

The huge 5.7L V8 will blow off 90% of cars on the road when the light turns green. Thing looks like a slow tank, but whips like a race car when you put your foot down (despite its limited speed potential). If you own one, put in 93 octane-- it'll be worth the ride!

Huge size, very, very spacious interior. The Electra is stylish, reliable, and has great pickup for a large luxury car.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2006