LeSabre Limited 3.8 V6

Not as fancy as a Cadillac, but a significant step up from a Chevy, it's a Buick

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LeSabre Limited 3.8

Replace the coolant with the green stuff and this car is perfect

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LeSabre Custom 3.9

A good car that keeps me humble!

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LeSabre Limited 3.8

If you already own one of these, you will not find a better used car

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LeSabre 3.8L 205 hp V6

Best car I've ever driven

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LeSabre Limited 3.8 Series II V6

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LeSabre custom 3.8 V6

Dependable, economical, comfortable, and rates as the best car I have ever owned

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LeSabre not listed 3.8

Really liked the car!

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LeSabre Limited 3.8 V6

Shocked at how poorly rate this car is. It's been fantastic for me!

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It's a high maintenance car with a great ride, but do not recommend this car

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LeSabre Custom 3.8 V6

I under rated this car at first. Quick V6, quiet, smooth ride. I'd buy it again. Great car

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LeSabre Custom 3.8 V6

Very Nice

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Not ideal for families that love EACH OTHER

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LeSabre Limited 3.8 series II

I will probably buy a later model of this car in the future

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LeSabre Custom 3.4

Good ride, but too many major things go wrong

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LeSabre Custom Fuel Injection

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LeSabre 3.8

It was good until recently, it was a good riding car

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LeSabre limited V8

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LeSabre limited V 6

Hey, it's a good car as long as you don't have to drive it any where.

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