I wish they were still manufactured, only with good window motors

60 words, 1 comment

LeSabre Custom

Nice riding car, but the power windows are defective

29 words

LeSabre Limited

Stay away from this model

75 words

LeSabre Limited

Nice, but seriously with the windows..

108 words

LeSabre Custom 3.8

36 words


It is a headache

124 words

LeSabre Custom 3.8 Series II

Great car, but a little plain

202 words, 1 comment

LeSabre limited 6 cylinder

I love this car, but am going to trade it to another mercury

64 words

LeSabre Limited V6

Above average till things start going wrong.

212 words, 5 comments

LeSabre Custom 3.8 V6

One minor repair will keep us from buying another Buick.

38 words

LeSabre Custom

Beginning to have doubts about buying another Buick

110 words

LeSabre Custom 3.8 V6

Nice big family sedan for the price

190 words

LeSabre Custom 3.8

Great combination of value, reliability and economy for the price

213 words

LeSabre 3.8, V6

A disappointing purchase

52 words, 4 comments

LeSabre 3.8L SFI 6 cylinder

Good value in a luxury car

96 words

LeSabre Custom V6 3.8L

Buy only if you have the money to repair frequently

293 words, 1 comment

LeSabre Custom V6

Except for the obviously faulty electric windows, the Le Sabre is my favorite car

88 words, 3 comments

LeSabre Limited V6

Fun to drive, but constant maintenance on electrical and electronic components

290 words


I like the car with some exceptions

83 words

LeSabre Custom

Nice car - bad reliability

165 words, 4 comments

LeSabre custom 3.8

A good car at a fair price

51 words

LeSabre custom

Good Car on the whole!

37 words

LeSabre Limited 3.8 V6

Luxury car at a bargain price

95 words, 15 comments

LeSabre Custom 3.8

G.M. junk

99 words, 3 comments