Park Avenue V6

A big yellow lemon

228 words, 3 comments

Park Avenue Ultra 3.8 Supercharged

Very comfortable car to drive

50 words

Park Avenue Base 3.8 liter V6

Everything I ever wanted and more

672 words, 6 comments

Park Avenue

Nice options, but too many little things have gone wrong

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Park Avenue Base 3.8 V6

Don't believe the bad hype, the Park Avenue is awesome

190 words, 17 comments

Park Avenue 3.8

This is a simply wonderful car and should not be replaced with anything else

27 words

Park Avenue

I would not buy another Buick

166 words, 9 comments

Park Avenue 3.8

Sluggish, but comfortable

43 words

Park Avenue V6

83 words, 6 comments