1981 Buick Skylark Limited convertible by America 2.8


Soon to be a classic


Front and Rear Brakes, including cables, Completely Replaced 65k.

Front and rear Struts/Shocks 65k.

All new Vac lines 65k miles.

General Comments:

While this is my project car, I do want to point out that I only paid $500 for it. The story for this is that it sat for 15 years in this guys garage, when the girlfriend left him and left the car in the garage. He did a basic tune up and then got rid of it. I replaced the brakes (frozen) and suspension (leaking) and that's it.

The 23 year old car runs great, smooth acceleration.

The body is also in great shape and not rusted out despite it spending it's life in OH.

If anyone else is looking for a car that will soon be 25 and a classic, this is a nice choice.

By the way it is really a Convertible.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 4th August, 2004