Skylark Custom Sport Coupe 3.1 V6 Code "M"

Does everything I need it too. Plus, who else has one?!

342 words

Skylark limited V6 3.1 liter

Nice fun fast car for a buick

195 words

Skylark 2 dr custom 3.1 6 cylinder

Cheap, to own and operate

231 words

Skylark Custom Quad 4

Good size, good mileage, dependable, as long as you take good care of it

184 words

Skylark Custom SD V6

The Good and Bad Side (just being honest and fair)

165 words, 1 comment


Dependable and worth the price

48 words

Skylark SD V6 Engine

Old Reliable

41 words

Skylark L4

A steal for the price paid

110 words

Skylark Custom 2.3L DOHC

A nice car that has it's faults, but will last a long time

197 words, 1 comment

Skylark Custum 2.3 DOHC Quad Four

A cheap upgradeable subwoofer-machine.

253 words

Skylark Limited

Horrible, it's falling apart because it was poorly built before it was wrecked

492 words, 16 comments

Skylark Custom 2.3L DOHC 16v 150HP Quad 4

A zippy 4-cylinder

176 words


Nice car to get me going in life

45 words

Skylark Custom 3.1L V6

A great car

11 words