2013 Cadillac ATS 2.5 non-turbo


Nice car, we like it


Nothing has gone wrong so far.

General Comments:

Highway steering stability is excellent; I like it a lot.

Ride is very firm; takes some getting used to. It should improve when the shocks wear a little. A slightly softer ride should be an option.

Gas mileage is excellent; now running 31 MPG or better combined local and highway, as per our particular driving style.

Engine power, 202 HP, is moderate but fits my driving style. Acceleration and passing power are adequate, not amazing.

70 mph highway cruising is effortless and the engine is inaudible at that speed.

Don't like the auto trans kickdown for a moderate grade when in cruise; have to move the trans lever to manual to prevent this.

There is no spare tire and no room for a compact spare. I dread to think about a flat tire at night in a zero degree blizzard, in a rainstorm or in an unsafe area. Perhaps the marketing/engineering people might say that the plug and pump kit is less effort than changing a flat, but time may tell more about this.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2013

5th Jun 2013, 16:46

I think all cars should still have optional suspensions, or better yet, programmable ones. Almost all modern cars ride too firm in my opinion; it would be nice if you could still buy a soft suspension optionally, or program your car to ride more like the large sedans of the past.

6th Jun 2013, 22:53

As long as Cadillac tries to copy the Euro-sport sedans, the soft suspension days are over. Instead of dropping Pontiac, GM should have kept that division, and used their current Cadillac performance ideas for Pontiac, and left it up to Cadillac to keep building luxury cars.