1998 Cadillac Catera reviews from North America

Catera 3.0L V6

Great car, but part are getting harder to find and more expensive

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Catera 3.0

A very capable performer!

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It should have never been made. Wait, no, never even thought of

Catera 3.0 Gasoline

Good but bad

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If they would make a newer model in 2009 or 2010, I would go and buy one so I would have 2 Cateras


It costs too much to own one of these cars new or used, due to all of the reported problems


A sporty quirky fun lil car

Catera 3.0 liter V6

Same as GM, a nightmare

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This car was obviously designed and built by engineers with a degrees out of the cracker jack box

Catera 3.0

Have patience and you will enjoy

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Catera 3.0 V6

An awesome and unique car

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Catera 3.0

I love it, except repair costs

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Other than the " battery problem " I am well satisfied

Catera 3.0 liter V6

Don't mind the emblem looks are deceiving

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Catera 3.0 V6

Great Car!...but bring your wrenches

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Catera 2.0

Devil in the blue dress..

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Looks can be deceiving!


Expensive mistake

Catera Sport 3.0

Faster, comfortable, handling, luxury car

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The Cadillac Catera is poorly made and the dealer in Marin County CA is incapable of servicing it


A luxury sports sedan bargain

Catera Automatic

The worst car out there and surprise it's a Cadillac

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Catera 3.0 Liter DOHC

A high priced piece of trash!!!

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