DeVille Sedan 4100HT

Fun. Solid. Pretty inexpensive overall.

309 words

DeVille Coupe deVille HT4100 4.1L V8

Probably the best car I'll ever own

128 words, 1 comment

DeVille Coupe Deville 4.1 liter

A true American classic with a Cadillac-size trunk-load of class and style

406 words, 14 comments

DeVille Coupe 4.1

Can't help, but love it

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DeVille Sedan Deville HT4100 V8

A great luxury barge except for the weak engine

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DeVille Coupe 4.1

Consume, Waste, and Pollute... The Cadillac Dream

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DeVille 4.1L

A 3 Ton mess

523 words, 13 comments

DeVille Coupe 4.1

Homer Simpson's dream of flying through the galaxy in his own bed

248 words

DeVille 4.1 V8 HT 4.1

Another great Caddy

97 words

DeVille 4.1L Digital Fuel Injection

A very luxurious, impressive, and well-designed automobile

192 words

DeVille Coupe Deville DeElagance 350

Actually a fairly well built solid car minus the 4.1

71 words, 1 comment

DeVille 4 Door Sedan HT4100 4.1L (250 CID) V8

A sofa on wheels

268 words, 1 comment

DeVille Coupe HT4100 4.1 V8

The great American luxury barge.

222 words

DeVille Coupe 4.1 V8 HT4100

Ocean liner on wheels

84 words