I think it is a very good car

274 words

DeVille Coupe V8

Awesome, I want another one!!!

226 words

DeVille 4.5L V8

Excellent Craftsmanship - 205,000 miles!!

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179 words

DeVille 4.5

I would not trade it for a new car

76 words

DeVille Sedan 4.5 Litre V8

Showroom Condition!! Like New!!

185 words

DeVille 4.5 V8

Sad excuse for a Cadillac

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DeVille Sedan 4.5 V8

190 words, 1 comment

DeVille Sedan 4.5L V8

Okay for the first couple hours

206 words, 4 comments

DeVille sedan unsure

Love this car, its old, but beautiful

103 words, 3 comments

DeVille Sedan De Ville 4.5 V8

The best car I have had

345 words

DeVille Sedan 4.5 Liter

A well built performance car that's reliable

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Excellent car providing great comfort

43 words, 2 comments

DeVille 4.5

Good reliable car

24 words

DeVille 4.5 litre

It's got a great big back seat!

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DeVille Sedan 4.5 Litre V8

A great car deserving more attention

148 words, 2 comments

DeVille sedan 4.5-liter V8

A comfortable car that can be bought for cheap and fixed up to turn heads

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DeVille Sedan de Ville 4.5 Litre V8

Great, but pricey car for an 18 year old

382 words, 4 comments

DeVille 4.5 Liter

A great example of American engineering

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DeVille sedan 4.5

A very good find for a 22yr old man

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DeVille Sedan 4.5L

Great car

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DeVille sedan deville V8

A good GM car

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DeVille Sedan 4.5 V8

A used Cadillac can offer a lot of car for a little money... they depreciate quickly

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DeVille 4.5 V8

114 words

DeVille 4.5L

Don't depend on it as daily transportation

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