Seville STS 4.6

Fast, luxurious, beautiful, but with its issues

85 words

Seville STS Northstar

For what I paid, I have never owned a better car

195 words

Seville STS 4.6L Northstar

Amazing power, performance and luxury for pennies what you'd pay elsewhere

467 words, 8 comments

Seville SLS 4.6L NorthStar

Luxurious, quick, powerful, decent MPG

199 words

Seville STS 4.6

Luxurious American Tourer

228 words

Seville SLS 4.6 Northstar gas

I don't know what everyone else is talking about, this car is FANTASTIC!

194 words

Seville STS 4.6 liter

Powerful, upscale, comfortable seats, great Bose sound system

308 words, 1 comment

Seville STS Northstar

This is a great car for any avid car enthusiast who wants luxury and good handling

154 words

Seville STS Northstar V8

A superb American sports sedan

114 words, 2 comments

Seville SLS V8

A bargain performance sedan!

42 words

Seville STS Northstar

A great high performance auto that's fun to drive, but riddled with mechanical/electrical problems

1009 words, 85 comments

Seville SLS

This car is luxury at the highest level

35 words, 2 comments

Seville STS

I pity the individual who owns this unit once past the warranty

171 words, 31 comments

Seville STS Northstar

An overpriced, under-served, highly engineered machine

246 words, 4 comments

Seville STS 4.6 Northstar 300hp

A mature man's Hot Rod!

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