1978 Caterham 7 super seven 1.5


Most fun you can have wearing clothes


There have been some visits by Lucas the prince of darkness to the electrical system, repaired by myself; an electrical tester is mandatory equipment for this car.

General Comments:

Absolutely fantastic performance and handling with a stiff suspension that allows you to feel the car flex slightly in turns.

Acceleration unmatched by other cars (with a power to weight ratio similar to the Dodge Viper) finds you two blocks down the road before Mustangs have travelled one block.

The buffeting of the wind in the cockpit is almost stunning, literally.

A minimalist car with no luxuries, and best driven on days when the roof and doors need not be mounted on the car, because climbing in is almost impossible.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2003

8th Sep 2003, 23:21

Thank you. This is my absolute favourite car in the world!!! Of course most people here (Canada) have never heard of it. I've seen a few, but haven't the faintest idea where to buy one, I believe in U.S.A. you guys have a guy in Connecticut or something, (Vermont?) Don't you?