1979 Chevrolet Nova 5.0L 350


I like it more than my mother and wife combined


Minor hoses in my vehicle have needed replacements due to dry-rot along with the regular tune-ups.

General Comments:

This car has become an extention of myself. It's classic look gives it character, allowing my vehicle to become an exhibit for others to enjoy. I love the amazing 350 feeling, driving at outrageous speeds that make the police stand in awe. When in neighborhoods or driving at lower speeds I can hear my beast chugging at the gas tank. Recently, I was able to change the timing making it not only affordable for me to be a pizza delivery boy, but fun.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2001

12th Apr 2004, 23:15

Yea, I'll bet the police stand in awe of your beater nova alright.

Awed that it still runs.