300M Special 3.5

Great car that was fun and reliable, and was cheap (used)

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300M PHP 3.5 SOHC

Keep up on the service, and this can be a reliable car

208 words

300M Pro Am edition 3.5 HO

Love her

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300M Pro Am Edition 3.5L H.O.

Style, luxury, quick, reliable, affordable

199 words

300M special 3.5 6 cylinder.

Very nice looking & reliable

213 words, 5 comments

300M Special 3.5 HO

Beautiful car. Reliable car

96 words

300M 3.5

I love it

225 words, 2 comments

300M Special

Worst car I have ever owned

190 words, 19 comments

300M Special Edition 3.5L HO

Good car/Good price if bought used! FAST!

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A lot for the price

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