2002 Chrysler 300M reviews from North America

300M Special 3.5

Great car that was fun and reliable, and was cheap (used)

188 words

300M PHP 3.5 SOHC

Keep up on the service, and this can be a reliable car

208 words

300M Pro Am edition 3.5 HO

Love her

90 words, 1 comment

300M Pro Am Edition 3.5L H.O.

Style, luxury, quick, reliable, affordable

199 words

300M special 3.5 6 cylinder.

Very nice looking & reliable

213 words, 5 comments

300M Special 3.5 HO

Beautiful car. Reliable car

96 words

300M 3.5

I love it

225 words, 2 comments

300M Special

Worst car I have ever owned

300M Special Edition 3.5L HO

Good car/Good price if bought used! FAST!

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A lot for the price