Cirrus LXi 2.5L

Worst piece of machinery I've ever encountered

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Cirrus LXI 2.5

I love these cars, once you understand them

178 words, 1 comment

Cirrus LX 2.5L V6

I love it and want to keep it, but it needs help

169 words


Overlook it and move on to another one

219 words

Cirrus LXi

Nice car, waste of money!

164 words

Cirrus LXI


39 words, 3 comments

Cirrus LX 2.5

Once out of warranty, it became a total lemon

190 words

Cirrus LXI 2.5

This car looks and drives nice, but the motor and transmissions do not last

79 words

Cirrus LXi 2.5L V6

My Cirrus has been another dependable Chrysler car. *knocks on wood*

534 words

Cirrus LX 2.5L V6

Fun to drive

31 words

Cirrus LX 2.5 V6

Some good, some bad

145 words

Cirrus LXi 2.5 V6

This car is a piece of crap

109 words

Cirrus LXI 2.5 6 cylinder

Good, comfortable and quick

77 words

Cirrus LXI 2.5L DOHC

A waste of money

369 words

Cirrus LX 2.5

Straight from the Lemon Tree

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Cirrus LXI V6 2.5L

Good car, good performance, costly if needed to be fixed

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Cirrus LX 2.5L V6

Maybe costly: but well worth it!!!

129 words

Cirrus LX

Worth it!

454 words

Cirrus LX V6 2.5liter

Reliable and Trustworthy, has stood up to big punishment

230 words, 1 comment

Cirrus LXi 2.5/ V6

Great car with great disappointments

74 words

Cirrus LXi 2.5 V6

A rose with lots of sharp thorns

143 words, 55 comments

Cirrus LX 6 cylinder

It's great without the headaches that come with it

277 words

Cirrus LX V6 2.5L

Medium maintenance, good car

117 words


Too many electrical problems

108 words, 6 comments

Cirrus LX V6

A high maintenance beauty

128 words, 14 comments

Cirrus LX

My opinion of my car is that it is/was a lemon

259 words, 1 comment

Cirrus LX V6

A decent vehicle.

103 words

Cirrus LXI

Nice looking but horrible in every other sense.

102 words

Cirrus LXi

A beautiful piece of unreliable machinery.

231 words, 17 comments

Cirrus LXi 2.6

I no longer feel safe driving this car

37 words, 3 comments

Cirrus LX 2.2 V6

A reliable car for commuting back and forth to work

57 words

Cirrus LX 2.5

Classy, reliable, what else would you want?

190 words

Cirrus LX 2.5 V6

The Chrysler Cirrus is sporty, stylish, comfortable, reliable and affordable

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Cirrus LXi V6 2.5


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Cirrus LX 2.5

Super capable sedan

50 words

Cirrus LX 2.5

I would buy a Chrysler again

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