LHS 3.5

Super, they never should have made the 300!

114 words

LHS 3.5L

Excellent, but needs to network with the automotive world

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LHS 3.5L

The LHS is/was a very good car. I would buy another one

564 words

LHS 3.5L V6

The Best Car EVER Produced!

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For $31,000 I was taken to the cleaners

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LHS 3.5

Great buy, not reliable and expensive repairs

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LHS 3.5L

Worst car I have ever owned

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LHS 24v V6

Luxury bargain

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LHS 3.5

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LHS 3.5 liter gasoline

A nice car that has reliability problems

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LHS 3.5 V6 High Output

An excellent combination of luxury and power

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It shows what Americans can do when they want to

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