1967 Chrysler Newport 4dr Hardtop Sedan 383 c.i. 2 bbl


Whatever Chrysler did with this model, they ought to apply to all of today's models


Starter tends to bind up when vehicle is hot - vehicle must cool for about 20 minutes before restarting.

Window regulators need frequent repair.

Headlight switch tends to overheat (a very common problem with 60's-era Chryslers).

General Comments:

This has been, unarguably, the best vehicle I have ever owned. In its 42 years, it has never been towed. It rides beautifully and catches compliments from everyone that sees it running around town.

I bought it in 1996 at the age of 19, and though it has seen some wear and tear due to daily driving, it still runs like new and needs surprisingly little maintenance for a car of its age.

Gas mileage is about 14 mpg, which is better than expected given the size of the engine and of the vehicle. The engine, transmission and all major engine components are all original, and still running like new.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2009

9th Jul 2009, 14:03

"Yeah, sure: an overweight sedan that gets 14 mpg"

Cross out sedan and put SUV instead and you have Chrysler's attempt at capturing market share for the past decade and a half.

9th Jul 2009, 19:58

He means reliability wise. Let's see in 2050 if we see any 'Ford Fusions' or Prius'!!

10th Jul 2009, 19:40

I don't think there is much question that a 1966 383 is more rugged and reliable than a 2001 4.7 L as used in the Durango. In fact, the 1966 Newport is a more reliable car in general than a new Dodge Durango or Intrepid. And never mind the lack of ABS --- it doesn't work half the time on the Durango, anyway! Nor do you worry about the transmission locking up on the Newport. Yes, remind me again --- why are new cars so much better than this Newport? I've forgotten...

5th Jun 2011, 00:04

I have been reminiscing about my 1967 Chrysler Newport Custom, and decided to pull it up on the Internet. This was the best car I ever owned. I had it for 27 years and then sold it, and regretted it ever since. When I sold it, the odometer was on its 5th cycle - 497,000 miles. Other than routine maintenance (oil, lubes, exhaust, brakes and shocks), I never had to replace anything. No timing chain, no radiator, no engine parts, no transmission/rear end parts.

The week before I sold it, I was out on the open road, at 70mph, and "booted" it. It jumped down a gear and just took off ~ buried the needle at 120mph. I held that for about 10 miles, then came up to regular traffic. This baby just settled down, and I almost felt she was thanking me for letting her have a good run.

The fellow that bought her upgraded to electronic ignition, fuel injection. etc. Five years later, I still saw him driving it. Then he retired and moved away. My girl moved with him.

Best car I ever owned. It never let me down. It never was towed. No wonder Chrysler almost went under, if this car was an example. I miss that car, and I see a fair number (1966-1968) still on the road - not a lot, but a recognizable number. Did I say I miss that car?


1967 Chrysler Newport 2 Dr 383 2-barrel


A great old classic that is still affordable


I've had a few leaks in places to be expected for a 40 plus year old car, and I've rebuilt the transmission. Again, after 150,000 miles and 40 plus years, one would expect that.

Other than that, this car has had no problems for me. I don't drive it a lot due to gas prices, but would if I could.

Some front end bushings have started to squeak. But my body started to squeak after 40 years too, and I'm built to last longer than a 67 Chrysler.

General Comments:

This car never fails to turn heads. Rarely can I stop at a red light without a thumbs up or a "what year is it" question. A few times on the freeway people have pulled up along side, dropped back and pulled up on the other side to see if it looks as good all the way around. Even won a couple awards at local car shows.

I upgraded the 2 barrel to a 4 because the size of this car just needed more than a 2.

Interior and paint are not original.

This car has had several thousand in restoration work, but not professional for the expensive car shows, and she isn't perfect. Just darn fun to drive.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2008

2nd Jun 2009, 12:43

I looked at your pics on line. Awesome car!! See my story under 68 Newport. The 66-68 Chryslers are great cars. Keep on Rollin'!!!