1965 Citroen DS ID 1.9


I'm going out to buy a C5 after I sell my Peugeot 306


The Austin Healey I had prior to my first Citroen had all sorts of things go wrong hence when asked to have a drive of a Citroen ID19 I was in heaven. Here was a car that went through the Toronto snow, went up and down to accomodate road conditions etc. Was warm inside, and I could carry a wardrobe in the trunk (sorry, boot) and got 10 miles per gallon more than the Healey. Nothing went wrong with the Citroen.

General Comments:

The ID was certainly very rare in Toronto, not so in Montreal for obvious reasons. Citroen Canada kept a French mechanic in their garage who was all the assurance needed to have you feel there would be no problem with the car. Once a year the car went in for a look at every thing, (an MOT if you like) and those things were put wright; brake pads, change (red) fluid, check bulbs, coolant change every year, etc. etc. also car for the day. THEN I discovered the DS. Bought new 1967 DS21 in 1968.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2005