Nubira SE 4 cylinder

Great car

128 words

Nubira CDX

Big flimsy pile of trash I should never got

85 words

Nubira CDX 4.0

Pandora's box!

229 words, 10 comments

Nubira SE 4-door sedan 2.0?

Good car for money and commuting

130 words

Nubira CDX 4 Banger

A Wonderful Piece of Junkyard Material

132 words, 4 comments

Nubira CDX

Piece of Doo doo

143 words, 2 comments

Nubira CE 2.0

Great value for the car

78 words

Nubira CDX 2.0L DOHC 16-valve

The car is a nightmare

290 words, 9 comments

Nubira SE 4.0


133 words, 17 comments

Nubira CDX

I love it, and would definitely buy another when I trade in

81 words

Nubira SE 2.0 L Gas

Go for it!!!

126 words