Dakota LE 3.9 Liter V6

Great mileage, great capacity, great truck!

163 words

Dakota LE 3.9 V6

The best

50 words

Dakota Base 3.9 V6

Very well balanced truck

61 words

Dakota 2.5 liter

A great no frills ride

102 words

Dakota Sport 3.9

Wish they made them like that again

21 words

Dakota Sport 5.9L V6

Hard working, reliable little truck

212 words

Dakota 4x4 Longbed 3.9

Great multipurpose reliable pick-up

231 words

Dakota S 2.5 I4

This was an economical and reliable first truck that kept me out of trouble

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A good truck for her class, long life if taken care of.

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Dakota Standard Cab-Long bed 3.9 Liter V6

No guts, per se, but a damn good truck anyhow!

200 words

Dakota Sport 4 cylinder

A very reliable long lasting truck

79 words

Dakota LX 3.9 V6

Worst vehicle ever owned!!!

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Dakota Sport 3.9liter V6 239cu.in.

A good reliable truck - Ahead of its time

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