Dodge Power Ram reviews from North America


Power Ram D350 5.9 Cummins turbo diesel

Best truck I ever owned

90 words


Power Ram W 250 5.9L V8

A simple machine. Easy to maintain, and keep road worthy

55 words


Power Ram Custom 318

Very tough, doesn't make you walk

147 words

Power Ram 250 318

The truck's truck

234 words

Power Ram W 150 5.2L 318

A well built work-rated truck

96 words


Power Ram 1500 318 c.i.

A trusty truck

36 words

Power Ram LE 5.2L 318ci

Unreliable, Unreliable, Unreliable

689 words, 26 comments


Power Ram W-150 318 or 5.2

Hard to find a parts truck, all the ones from this year seem to still be on the road

395 words


Power Ram 4x4 318ci

Powerful and tough, nothing beats it

18 words


Power Ram Custom 5.2L 318

One tough machine

111 words