Ram Pickup SLT Laramie 5.9 gasoline

Sell it before the trans goes!

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Ram Pickup

Best ever

100 words

Ram Pickup SLT 3.9 V6

A great truck for the money; a working machine

79 words

Ram Pickup SS/T 5.9 supercharged


24 words

Ram Pickup Laramie SLT 2500 4x4 Cummins I6 turbo diesel

Possibly the best truck of all time

148 words

Ram Pickup 5.9 and 8.0

Great Truck!

144 words

Ram Pickup SLT 5.2 gas

I am now a Dodge man, I love my truck

138 words

Ram Pickup RAM 1500 Laramie SLT 5.2 V8 Magnum

Well thought out and planned, and a work of art

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Ram Pickup 5.9 L

35 words

Ram Pickup SLT Laramie, 2WD 5.9L V8 (360)

This has been a VERY reliable, great truck that still has another 200,000+ miles in it

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Ram Pickup Ram 1500 4x4 SLT Laramie 5.2

Poor quality, but cheaper to fix than replace

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Ram Pickup

I love my truck, but I wish it could tell me whats wrong!!!

108 words

Ram Pickup Laramie SLT 5.9

A great performance vehicle and I will never buy a different vehicle/model

227 words

Ram Pickup SLT 5.9

I've invested so much in sorting out this truck that I can't afford to get rid of it!

242 words

Ram Pickup Laramie SLT 5.2

295 words

Ram Pickup SLT Laramie 5.2

Nice to look at, but rarely will see as it will be at repair shop

102 words

Ram Pickup 1500 Ext Cab 4x4 5.2L V8

All in all, this is a decent vechicle

72 words

Ram Pickup LS 5.7

One tough truck!

107 words

Ram Pickup 1500 SLT 5.2L 318

My truck is the best

81 words

Ram Pickup Club Cab Sport 5.9L V8

You pay at the pump for your image

74 words

Ram Pickup 1500 5.2L

Not as tough as it looks!

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Ram Pickup 1500 SLT 4x4 5.2 liter

A truly tough truck

125 words

Ram Pickup 1500 5.9

I loved the truck, wish I had kept it, but160km to work and back a day put me in the poor house. It

211 words

Ram Pickup 1500 V6

I love it, but I have to get rid of it

136 words

Ram Pickup 1500 Sport Club Cab 5.9 Liter V8 Magnum

If they could only fix the transmission issues..

126 words

Ram Pickup Sport 5.9

A Great Truck for the 4x4 enthusiast

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Ram Pickup Sport Club Cab 5.2

Worth every $12k that I spent, and more!

98 words

Ram Pickup work model 5.9

106 words

Ram Pickup SL 5.2

Maybe I can donate it to the army for target practice

139 words

Ram Pickup 2500 4X4 Laramie SLT Cummins diesel

Great performance with zero reliability

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Ram Pickup 1500 4x4 Sport 5.2 (318ci) V8

Transmission is gone at 53,000 miles

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Ram Pickup 1500 Larmie 4x4 5.2L 318 V8 Magnum

A strong truck

96 words

Ram Pickup 2500 turbo diesel

Great Overall Truck

139 words

Ram Pickup ST1500 5.9L

The Ram does not age well

119 words, 1 comment

Ram Pickup Sport 5.2

A high maintenance vehicle

227 words, 2 comments

Ram Pickup 3.9 Gasoline

Most reliable truck I've ever had

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Ram Pickup Conqueror 3.9 gasoline

A low performance gem

241 words

Ram Pickup 1500 Ext Cab 5.9L

230 words, 6 comments

Ram Pickup 2500 SLT turbo cummins diesel

Great!!! More Great!!! Most Great!!!

96 words, 4 comments

Ram Pickup Sport 318

The truck of all trucks

89 words, 1 comment

Ram Pickup Sport 1500 5.9L

Never again!! An expensive pain in the butt!

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