Shadow 2.5L

For a new car -- this was good value for the money

145 words

Shadow Base 2.2

Long live the shadow!!!

258 words, 6 comments

Shadow CSX 2.2 VNT

Extremely fun car that you can't help but love, despite the obvious 80's build quality problems

105 words

Shadow Basic 2.5 vin K

A very good first car

133 words

Shadow ES 2.5L turbo unleaded

Wonderful to drive, but may prove expensive in the long run

315 words

Shadow ES 2.5 turbo

A bargain- fast and fun!

240 words

Shadow Base Sedan Hatchback 2.2 4 cylinder

I only paid 500$ for it - so for me, it was worth it!

170 words

Shadow Shelby CSX 2.2 liter turbo

Smokes in fourth, chirps in fifth, hauls in sixth!

127 words, 3 comments

Shadow 2.5

Mediocre at best

42 words, 2 comments

Shadow 4 door Base Sedan 2.2 4 cylinder

Nice and sweet teenager car!

27 words

Shadow 2.1 4 cylinder


73 words, 3 comments


Biggest waste of metal in the United States

88 words, 1 comment

Shadow 2.5 L

A dependable, affordable machine

147 words, 3 comments


A loud and bumpy ride, but it'll eventually get you to where you're going

148 words

Shadow 4 door base model 2.5 Liter, I-4

Piece of crap!

54 words, 2 comments

Shadow 2.5L

The little things break a lot; it runs though

204 words, 3 comments