Stealth R/T Non-Turbo Naturally Aspirated 3.0 V6

Yesterday's sports car, today's treasure

157 words, 1 comment

Stealth R/T 3.0

Best 1990's car by far

37 words

Stealth Base 3.0 SOHC

Dependable, long lasting, daily driver

222 words, 1 comment

Stealth r/t 3.0 litre DOHC dual overhead cam

Great, Fast and very comfortable, Great first car if your looking for a well rounded car

234 words

Stealth R/T 3.0 V 6

This car is a a great car compared to like models and year

181 words

Stealth 4.0 Twin turbo

Best Manual for your first sport car A+

20 words

Stealth R/T 3.0L V6

It's a great car, great on gas, asks so little...wouldn't trade it for anything

350 words

Stealth R/T

I love it!

147 words

Stealth R/T TT


211 words

Stealth ES 3.0L V6

Awesome a real chick magnet

76 words

Stealth RT DOHC 3.0L

Love it, would own another

71 words

Stealth R/T Twin Turbo 3.0 turbo

Fastest car I've owned

281 words, 5 comments

Stealth ES 3.0 D.O.H.C V6

Excellent highway car

54 words, 1 comment

Stealth RT Gasoline

A deceivingly good looking car, that sucks the life out of your pocket-book

182 words, 25 comments

Stealth R/T 3L V6 (non-turbo)

Seriously worth checking out

496 words, 3 comments

Stealth ES 3 Liter DOHC

Troublesome car

284 words, 6 comments

Stealth ES 3.0L DOHC

A cheap Honda killer

124 words, 16 comments

Stealth R/T Twin Turbo 3.0 DOHC

How could you ask for more?

228 words, 3 comments

Stealth ES 3.0 Twin Valve DOHC

An inexpensive moderate performance car

64 words, 1 comment

Stealth Standard 3.0

Cheap high performance car

39 words